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An update on Colin and Christy’s lockdown weight loss challenge

May 2021 Colin and Christy embark on a lose the lockdown weight loss challenge. Under the guidance of Davy Jones from Davy Jones Fitness, they started an intense workout plan.

For those who don’t know, Davy Jones is the Republic of Ireland strongest man and Colin and Christy’s personal trainer. He is also a nutritionist to Colin Molloy Butchery.

Watching the update video’s, it is clear that this was no easy training routine but Colin and Christy have prevailed and shown us how it is done.

Christy has even added some extra training into his schedule while being in the shop proving that you don’t need fancy gym equipment to start your exercise routine, normal household items are perfect.

After a grueling 5 weeks of training. Colin and Christy shared their weight loss success.

Christy lost 1 stone 6 pound and 19 inches

Colin lost 1 stone and 18 inches

There is only one more month left of the challenge so join Colin and Christy today.

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