Is a Christmas Saving Club good for you?

When Christmas comes, we usually feel a strange blend of happiness and anxiety – because it’s a beautiful celebration where we dedicate a great time to our loved ones. Anxiety because, to be honest, the amount of money we tend to spend on Christmas can be a cause for concern.

We find ourselves between two choices wanting to invest in Christmas to honor ourselves and our families! But we also want to be a bit conservative and avoid spending too much money.
How do we solve this situation? A simple yet effective answer that typically works well is this: investing in a Christmas savings club

It’s simpler than you probably think – because when you join a Christmas saving club, you are investing in a plan, which you contribute to throughout the year. One or two months before Christmas (November or October), we get our savings back.

We usually get that investment back in the form of a gift card or Christmas gifts, although it depends on the scheme you’re applying for.

How does it work? Since we’re talking about money and saving through the year, you might believe this scheme to be complicated. It’s not!

That’s why this September, we chose to create a Christmas savings club scheme just for you. Because here at Colin Molloy Craft Butcher, we want you to feel the joy of Christmas –without the anxiety.

Join our scheme here and get ready to enjoy all the benefits and gifts we have available for you.